Top 10 Nations by

Nation NameLeader NameAllianceContinentColorScore
1)China XaXongThe Pirate SyndicateNorth America17,205.00
2)One P monkeyThe Pirate SyndicateAfrica13,427.50
3)The Fourth Reich The Dark Lord_666The Pirate SyndicateEurope13,015.00
4)Bacon BaconNOVAAsia11,952.40
5)Hudsonia Linda BjornThe Pirate SyndicateAsia10,850.00
6)Queen of GB Queen ElizaThe Pirate SyndicateAfrica9,855.00
7)Moyiu MoyiuThe Pirate SyndicateNorth America9,727.50
8)ILIRIA NomiThe Pirate SyndicateAfrica9,450.41
9)sanguinem caligo BoxThe Pirate SyndicateNorth America8,710.00
10)Hodor HodorThe Pirate SyndicateAfrica8,565.00