What are Color Trade Blocs?

Color Trade Blocs are groups of nations organized around mutual trade. As such, they receive a bonus to their national income that is determined by the size of the national economies participating in the trade bloc, as well as the total number of nations in the bloc. The exact formula that determines the bonus is:

Turn Bonus = (Average Daily Monetary Net Revenue / Nations)

This formula is calculated every turn and stored, the stored value being used in the next turn's revenue calculations. In the table below the current number of nations and DNR figures are displayed alongside the stored Turn Bonus value. Turn Bonuses are capped so as to not exceed $75,000 per turn, and they have a minimum floor value of $0.

Largest Daily Net Revenue Nations

Madotra empire

Leader: Rajat Madotra

Alliance: None


Leader: XaXong

Alliance: The Pirate Syndicate


Leader: Nikhul

Alliance: Holy Britannian Empire

Color Trade Blocs by Member Nation Turn Bonus

Color Trade Bloc Nations Agg DNR Avg DNR Turn Bonus
Thalmor Loves Epi's Black Balls 7 $12,489,471 $1,784,210 $75,000
The Red Foxes 1 $1,318,497 $1,318,497 $75,000
Britannic Purple 2 $6,445,954 $3,222,977 $75,000
The Beige Protection Bloc 222 $487,541,112 $2,196,131 $50,000
The Gray Inactive Group 4 $718,977 $179,744 $0
The Green Pirate Syndicate 1 $-828,933 $-828,933 $0