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Color Stock Bonus

Color Stock Bonus is a game mechanic that rewards nations on colors that have nations which possess Treasures.

How It Works

Every nation color has a Color Stock Bonus except for Gray. This bonus is applied to a nation's gross income. The size of the bonus assigned to each color is dependent upon the nation color of nation's that possess Treasures. The more nations that have treasures on a particular color, the higher the Color Stock Bonus will be for that color. To receive the Color Stock Bonus, a nation must be on the color in question. If the nation is in an alliance, its nation color must match his alliance color to receive any bonus. This does not apply to Beige nations, who will receive a 5% bonus regardless of whether they're in an alliance or not.


Each treasure located on a certain color increases that color's Color Stock Bonus by 1%. If a color has more than 10 treasures, the bonus is limited to a 10% maximum on the gross bonus.


Color Stock Bonus suffers a penalty to the percentage dependent upon the number of Alliances on the chosen color. Alliances that qualify to penalize the Color Stock Bonus must have a score higher than the largest nation score in the game. For each qualifying alliance, the gross Color Stock Bonus is decreased by 0.5%.


The color Beige always has a 5% Color Stock Bonus, regardless of treasures. Alliances cannot choose Beige as their color.


*All Formulas Are Per Turn Unless Otherwise Noted

Color Stock Bonus = MAX(MIN((Treasures on Color/100),.1) - ((Qualifying Alliances-1) * 0.005),0)

Beige Color Stock Bonus = 0.05

Category: Misc